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Gitanjali (Song offerings) Poem 10 – Summary & Meaning

Gitanjali is an offering to God, the entire collection praise God, so it’s called Song Offerings. It’s a collection of divine poems, Like other poems we can see the extreme level of divinity in the poem number 10 too. Let’s learn the stanza-wise meaning of the Gitanjali poem X in this article. If you need […]

Gitanjali (Song offerings) Poem 3 – Summary & Meaning

The English Gitanjali is a collection comprises 103 poems by Tagore. You can read previous poem here. In this article we will explain line by line meaning of poem III of Song Offerings(Gitanjali). Gitanjali – poem 3 Stanza 1 I KNOW not how thou singest, ….. ………………………………….. amazement. In in this stanza we get the […]

Gitanjali (Song offerings) – Summary and Critical Analysis

Rabindranath’s Gitanjali is originally written in Bengali language. The English Gitanjali or Song Offerings is a collection of 103 English poems of Tagore’s own English translations. The word Gitanjali is composed out of  git+ anjali. Git means song, and anjali means offering, thus it’s meant as “Song offerings”. The publication of the English version of Gitanjali paved Tagore a way to the world […]