Significance of the title “The Ghaghra In Spate”

The Ghaghra In Spate is an amazing piece of poetry from Keki. N Daruwalla. it wonderfully illustrates of rural landscape and the wild nature of river.While we talk about the significance of the title ‘The Ghaghra In Spate’. the title itself tells the core event of the poem. We can analyse how the poem title suites to the content by analyzing events in the poem.

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significance of the title “The Ghaghra In Spate”

Ghaghara:  is the name of a river also called Karnali is a perennial trans-boundary river originating on the Tibetan Plateau near Lake Mansarovar. It goes through the Himalayas in Nepal and joins the Sharda River at Brahmaghat in India.

In Spate: a phrase of ‘spate‘. in (full) spate means a river overflowing due to a sudden flood.

The title itself gives a direct reference to the core idea of the poem. The poem begin in a calm evening. There’s twilight reflects above the river water, we can see inverted trees and tapering shadows reflected on the water. Whole the atmosphere is very calm and peaceful to our eyes as well as our minds.

The undercurrent of the poem is about the loss of people’s concern about the fellow beings. As the poet portraits in the poem when a sudden flood occur cross-eddies takes the waterfront into river-belly some people who are not affected the flood still works in happiness and never care their neighbors’ pathetic condition. Instead they were searching for driftwood from the flood and catching fishes on paddy fields.

The title of this poem has a power to make us curious about the poem as it only gives us an information that there is a flood in the River Ghaghra. Usually a literary enthusiast will tend to read the poem to know the happenings of the flood.

Daruwalla is remarkable for horrible and frightening illustrations in his poetry, this act of focusing the rustic India as the theme of his poems makes him differ from other Indian poets.

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